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If you are looking for a great representative, Steve Allen could not come more highly recommended. Mr. Allen has helped me through several cases and has always been effective with his research and application of the information to represent me. Steve kept me in the loop of what to expect and all possible outcomes. Communications in all areas of my case always was helpful. Being in court and observing his abilities first hand has been an eye opener. I have had Steve handle several cases over the years. In all cases I have always been satisfied and thankful to have had Steve as my lawyer.

- (5 star review)

Criminal defense case

I have recommended Mr Allen to other people whom he has assisted successfully. A friend of mine told me Mr Allen did not take his case. Mr Allen informed my friend that a paid attorney was not necessary and provided resources for my friend to minimize his case. During my case Mr Allen was very professional and yet caring. He went beyond the scope of his profession and never mentioned it. Mr Allen understands the system and does his homework ! He is very dedicated to his clients and does not over book himself to make money. He came to visit me one day and I told him I could not afford it. He stated he was just checking on me to make sure I was holding up ok and not charging for the visit. He was very organized during my trial and his concern for my freedom was genuine not acted out. Steve brought in all the right resources during my trial. My family was informed of all matters of facts and findings during my trial. He was always straight forward and to the point. If you want a fantastic lawyer that will treat you and your case like it is his own, Steve Allen is that lawyer.

- (5 star review)

Grateful for his guidance

Mr. Allen helped guide us through a system that we were unfamiliar with. We appreciated all of the time he took to talk with us. He spent many hours not only explaining, but also helping to put things into perspective. We will always feel fortunate to have been referred to Mr. Allen.

- (5 star review)

Grateful I was represented by Mr. Allen

I’ve known Mr. Allen for many years now. I ‘ve had friends he’s represented in the past. Now he is currently working on a case for me. Because of Mr. Allen reputation with the courts he was able to convince the judge to give me and his recommendations an opportunity to make a difference in my life today. Because of Mr Allen and the program he advised me to get into ( Amicus house ). Iam actually learning how to live life on life’s terms. Something I could never do on my own. Not just is he a great attorney he genuinely cares for his clients. And speaking from experience this is very hard to find in this county. I’ve had many attorney’s. Never have I met one like Mr Allen. He has gone way out of his way to help me. Not just in my current case but in my life. Because of the program he recommended iam learning so many tools to go on and live life as I was intended to live it. A healthy responsible active member in the community. And I owe this all to Mr. Allen. To me he is more than my attorney he is family…. Thank you for everything you have been a true inspiration in my life thank you….. Do I recommend him as an attorney ? YES IN DEED…..

- (5 star review)

Not just a lawyer

I consider myself extremely blessed to have been represented by WilliamAllen. I have been represented by him in several cases, and I highly recommend him. On my last case in 2012, I was facing very serious charges, and he made miracles happen through his investigative and legal work. He was very attentive and responsive of my needs regarding my case and he was also very good at communicating with my family. I have seen other attorneys who are always late, or miss court appointments all together. Other attorneys also seem to only worry about money, not this one. Mr. Allen really goes above and beyond for his clients. He literally accomplished what I thought to be impossible to help me with my legal matters. He even worked hand in hand with my immigration attorney to ensure my legal status in the country would not be affected. Mr. Allen is a very trustworthy and wise individual. He is very well respected in the courtroom and he always knew how to deal with situations. While I was in custody going crazy, during one of my interviews with Mr. Allen, he thought me some great breathing and meditation techniques which were very helpful in maintaining my sanity. In conclusion, I strongly recommend Mr. Allen for anyone facing the unfortunate situation of having to go before a judge.

- (5 star review)

Saved my life

I don’t have enough good things to say about Mr Allen.
I was falsely accused of a serious crime which could have cost me my career. In my case I was up against a cop that was blatantly lying about what he was told happened, and a less than ethical DA who ignored evidence and tried to bully me into a plea deal for a crime I had not committed.
Mr Allen put a stop to all of that at trial. He ate them alive.
It was a thing of beauty to see him in action. By the time Mr Allen was done with them, I walked out a free man with my head held high.
Innocent until proven guilty really doesn’t exist, so you better make damn sure you have a good attorney if you want to survive the modern day American judicial system.

- (5 star review)

Steve Allen: Lawyer, Musician, Spiritual Guru

Mr. Allen represented me in 1994 for a serious DUI involving an accident. It was a very confusing and difficult time in my life; yet, amazingly, I still look back on it all somewhat fondly and remember how much I learned from Mr. Allen. I agree with each positive review that has been written here regarding Mr. Allen’s prowess in the courtroom, his undeniable ability to put people at ease during an intense and frightening situation, and above all, his compassion for all human beings whom he feels deserve to have a second chance (sometimes more…) and be given a way in which to make right what has been done wrong.

Mr. Allen was much more than a lawyer. He was a warrior, a healer, a teacher and a confidante. While the circumstances of the case, the accident, the regrets and the shame broke me down, Mr. Allen took the time to help me build myself back up. He showed the judge and the DA the young woman behind the drinking problem and kept me from a future that would not have been good for any.

Absolutely…I would recommend anyone to seek out his services if you are in need of an attorney. He is one that cares for you and fights the system on your behalf.

- (5 star review)