Arson charges carry significant penalties, with those convicted of this crime typically spending several years behind bars. If you have been accused of committing arson, you are advised to seek legal counsel from a trustworthy representative. WilliamH. Allen Attorney at Law works with clients facing a variety of arson charges, ultimately achieving reduced sentences and even dropped cases.

Types Of Arson Charges

Arson, at its base level, is defined as the intentional use of fire or explosives in hopes of destroying a structure. Although the penalties for all forms of arson are severe, the size of the structure, the amount of damage caused and the presence of other people at the time of the crime can all have an impact on the ultimate charges. If the arson causes great bodily injury, the person convicted of the crime may be slapped with a multiple year prison sentence. If it results in death, the arson conviction could be accompanied by homicide or murder charges.

Penalties for insurance-related arson are typically less severe than those associated with the aforementioned types of arson. Those accused of burning their own property in hopes of receiving insurance payouts are typically sentenced to several months in jail. The penalties for attempted arson are similar, with fines and brief prison sentences proving quite common. Although most acts of arson are deemed felony convictions, insurance and attempted arson may, in some circumstances, be regarded as misdemeanor. A San Jose arson attorney may be able to help those accused of arson achieve misdemeanor classification, thereby reducing the severity of the penalties.

WilliamH. Allen Attorney At Law: Compassionate And Trustworthy Representation

Due to the very severe nature of arson charges, it is absolutely essential for those accused of this crime to seek reliable legal advocates. With the help of a San Jose arson attorney, those wrongly accused of arson may be able to have their charges dropped. Clients who choose to plead guilty may, with the assistance of an arson lawyer, be deemed guilty of committing misdemeanors and not felonies.

No matter the nature of your current arson charges or your preferred approach in court, you will benefit greatly from the support of WilliamH. Allen Attorney at Law. The talented San Jose arson attorney thoroughly investigates all cases, determining whether charges are commensurate with the alleged incidents. His thorough approach is greatly appreciated by clients, who also value his non-judgmental attitude. During this stressful time, it can be a huge relief to have an understanding legal representative such as WilliamH. Allen by your side.