Being accused of assault can affect your life in many ways. However, although the accusation itself can be harmful to your reputation, it doesn’t compare to the trouble you will face if convicted of the crime. Being convicted of assault can not only send you to jail for a significant amount of time, but it can also affect your personal and professional life. For this reason, you need a skilled San Jose Assault Attorney on your side if you are accused of assault in California.

About California Assault Law

In California, you can be convicted of assault if you willfully did something that was likely to result in the use of force against another individual. You can be convicted of this crime even if your actions did not actually hurt anyone. If you actually used force or hurt someone during the alleged incident, you may be charged with battery instead.

If you are convicted of assault in this state, you may face a variety of penalties based on the severity of your crime and your criminal history. Penalties may include fines and/or time in jail.

Defending Yourself in Court

If you are accused of assault in California, you will have the chance to present a defense in court before you are found either innocent or guilty. Although you can elect to defend yourself in court or take on a public defender, this is not the best choice for most defendants. The law surrounding assault in California is complicated, so it’s important to trust your case to a licensed lawyer who has experience in this practice area.

Contact the Office of WilliamH. Allen Attorney at Law

WilliamH. Allen has many years of experience defending clients who have been accused of assault and/or battery in the state of California. He understands all relevant laws thoroughly, and he knows how to apply these laws to each client’s unique case. If you choose to work with WilliamH. Allen, he will not only review your case and explain the laws to you, but he will also help you prepare your case and collect evidence. From start to finish, Attorney Allen will remain by your side until the case is closed.

An assault conviction can change your future dramatically, but WilliamH. Allen can maximize your chances of a satisfactory outcome in court. If you are facing the charge of assault or battery, contact the Office of WilliamH. Allen today to schedule a consultation and discuss the specifics of your case. We look forward to hearing from you!