If you are accused of committing robbery, you face the potential of spending several years behind bars. Robbery is a very serious crime and as such, it is essential for those facing this type of conviction to seek the assistance of a reliable San Jose robbery attorney. WilliamH. Allen Attorney at Law prides himself on providing thorough, non-judgmental representation for those accused of robbery. With his assistance, your charges may reduced or even dropped altogether.

Types Of Robbery Charges And How A San Jose Robbery Attorney Can Help

A variety of robbery classifications exist, with some carrying far heavier weight than others. These classifications, such as aggravated or simple robbery, can be made more serious with the designation of degrees, with first degree robbery carrying the most severe penalty. Typical robbery charges include everything from home invasions, to carjackings, to crimes committed against individuals while they are engaged in acts such as withdrawing money from an ATM. Whenever weapons, especially deadly weapons, are involved in robberies, the penalties become even more severe. Sentences ranging from just a couple of years in prison, to upwards of twenty years are not uncommon in cases such as these. WilliamH. Allen Attorney at Law can help identify which classification of robbery fits the alleged incident while also determining whether the proposed penalties and punishments are consistent with the law. Having the right attorney, who knows the law and can assist you in your decision to go forward with a potential court case, settle out of court, or how to otherwise proceed in the legal system is a right afforded to every citizen.

WilliamH. Allen Attorney At Law: Trustworthy Representation

Being accused of a crime, especially one as serious as robbery, requires immediate legal representation. San Jose robbery attorney WilliamH. Allen represents clients facing a wide array of charges, including vehicular robbery, armed robbery, and more. Robbery cases often require legal representatives to gather larges amounts of information from witnesses, law enforcement, as well as other sources. This is a timely process that is critical in determining the best course of action that should be taken, in regards to getting a fair, honest ruling from the court system. WilliamH. Allen will work tirelessly to make sure all of the facts, evidence, and other details surrounding the alleged robbery are brought to light, ensuring the best possible legal representation. WilliamH. Allen has a successful track record of using every means available to him to make sure his clients are given the best legal representation available.